St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church

Vancouver,  B.C.



2950 Laurel St. at W.14th Ave.     604-877-1788


Who We Are

Icon picture of Eve.

St. Mary Magdalene’s is part of the Diocese of New Westminster in the Anglican Church of Canada.



          Christ of Maryknoll

                             Brother Robert Lentz, ofm

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St. Mary Magdalene Affirms…


 St. Mary Magdalene seeks to honour the inclusive vision of Jesus. We aspire to a spirit of openness inherent in historic Anglicanism. We are committed to a transformative way within an achingly beautiful and burdened world. In our commitment to Christianity as a path and practice, the parish community of St. Mary Magdalene affirms and commits itself to the following:


We celebrate the inclusive table fellowship of Jesus as the centre of our communal life and our commitment to intentional hospitality;


We embrace Christianity as a transformative way: a way of wisdom and compassion grounded in an awareness of the interdependence of all life;


We understand respect for all creation to be a fundamental ethical and spiritual issue;


We are seekers of spiritual and pastoral expressions that address issues of consumerism, isolation and superficial religiosity;


We proclaim a prophetic social witness expressive of Jesus’ proclamation of the Reign of God;


We are grounded in our commitment to the spirit of historic Anglicanism which celebrates and engages diversity and difference.